Back from Palombia
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  • Back from Palombia
  • Back from Palombia
  • Back from Palombia

Back from Palombia

The wonderful final scene of the album "The Dictator and the Mushroom"!
Back home, aboard an improbable monoxyle canoe and through the thick Palombian forest, Spirou and Fantasio are sad, and little Spip even more! 

 ... After a harsh discussion, they made the decision and released the mischievous Marsupilami in its natural environment.

Yet, at this very moment, we are the only ones to know that, in reality: nonchalantly lying at the stern of the boat, the creature with an interminable tail made his own choice!

 For sure he will stay with his friends: life with them will certainly be full of twists and turns! Houba houba hop!

Information :

Orders are limited to one copy per person.

Reference: SPRET
  • Author(s)


  • Sculptor(s)

    Pascal Rodier

  • Diffusion


  • Height

    15 cm

  • Material


  • Collection


  • Range

    Prestige Scene

  • Date of publication


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