Stunning Brainy Smurf!
Limited to 1000 copies

Stunning Brainy Smurf!

At one time or another, we've all known someone who can't stop lecturing others...

French Flag

Made in France

Entirely designed in Normandy, our figurines are created and handcrafted in our French workshop.

French living heritage company

French « living heritage company »

Since 2019, Fariboles Productions has been recognized by the government as one of the most representative of the high end French know-how.

30 years

30 years of experience

Since 1993 our workshop does its best to translate Franco-Belgian comics heroes into 3D.

Painting figurines

Sculpting, mold design, molding, sanding, painting assembling… At each step our staff put all their know-how to produce figurines that will appeal to the most demanding collectors.

Signature Pascal
Repairing a figurine
The Fariboles Productions clinic

Restoration, cleaning, repair… We consider the clinic for figurines as a commitment to our collector customers.

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