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Direct live sculpture at Bulles En Boîtes

Saturday 11 February 2017

Invited by the Bulles en Boite shop in Paris, I had the opportunity to do a live sculpture demonstration inspired by one of the characters created by Olivier Schwartz in the adventures of Spirou: the Leopard Woman!

The pressure was at its maximum: decided to play the game, I arrived with a shapely block of modeling clay, with the firm intention that it looks like the bust of the heroine at the end of the session! ...

Under the dubious eyes, then more and more convinced of the assistance, I reached my goals, helped without having foreseen by Alban Ficat, then Eric Delaval who put the hand in the dough in the true sense of the term!

In the end, a grueling day but especially a real opportunity to meet enthusiasts and show them for once the genesis of a figure appearing before their eyes!